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About Abglass Bohemia

We are a Czech company that was founded in 2006 and our specialization has become the production of hollow blown beads.

Abglass Bohemia l.l.c. is the world’s leading and only manufacturer and seller of traditional gold glass hollow beads. Blown beads are light, hollow glass beads that are produced only by hand blowing over burners and then shaped into molds using traditionaal, historical technology. Molds for more than 60 types of beads are currently used.

We are still working on ourselves and looking for ways to be closer to you, the customers. And given that Czech glass is a big concept in the world, we decided to start selling pressed, fire beads and other kinds of beads, which are widely used to make jewelry, necklaces and even earrings.

And in the last month we have added another pride and that is Czech crystal chandeliers, we are building on the long history of Czech glassmaking and offer crystal chandeliers and wall lights.

We are a small team, but we can do big things, quality and a satisfied customer are always our first priority.